Eye of the Sword – Bonds of Solitude (part 2)

Kiritsugu and Dietrich were sitting amiably on the veranda in matching rocking chairs while the children made a fuss inside. The weird chemistry between Shirou, Sakura and Taiga was, putting it mildly, ridiculous. A girl who has been damaged far beyond what most Magi suffered during their entire lives, a boy re-forged into something else at the age of five and a boundless fountain of energy strengthened by her love for children and all things cute – it shouldn't have worked but it did. Taiga was the type to dote but it was probably Shirou's attitude that attracted the Matou heir to their group: the boy was twisted enough himself not to notice how peculiar Sakura's mannerisms were. It is customary in Japanese culture to simply pretend inappropriate or damaged things don't exist because if you acknowledge them you get stained by their wrongness. A weird concept for a westerner such as Dietrich to understand but even he recognized how convenient such denial could be for normal people. And how lonely and depressing lack of companionship could be for those who were abnormal. At least, Shirou had sort of a caring family. Both Kiritsugu and Dietrich seriously doubted that was the case with the Matou.

Still, it wasn't their problem so they sat outside soaking up the sun and drank tea. The former Magus Killer had a warm coat and a replica of Avalon under it and all the warmth really helped ease the ever-growing pain the curse caused him. Dietrich was simply being plain old lazy.

"You know, I think I got swindled by you, you old Magus-killing fox. I should have researched the previous Grail War more before I entered into our little deal."

Kiritsugu gave a dry laugh:

"Don't lie to yourself, Dietrich. A chance to study and shape an Incarnation? A chance to help him become someone able to give the Spirits of warriors of old a fight? You wouldn't reject me even if I told you everything upfront including what the previous War's Caster was like."

From inside a muted roar was heard as the Tiger of Fuyuki found out exactly how long cooking the dinner would take. This was immediately followed by barely audible sounds of Sakura trying to placate the fearsome beast.

"Yes, but I could have got better conditions out of the agreement. Included dental or something, I don't know."

Kiritsugu remained silent for a few minutes before sighing.

"Out with it, Dietrich, I don't have the energy for games in me anymore. You have been with us for more than half a year now, you probably know more about what Shirou is capable of than me. Even your Japanese got pretty much fluent even as my son gets better and better at German. And English, courtesy of Waiver preparing him for one day meeting the Association. Anyway, what's your take?"

Gladstone snorted:

"You know the thing that gets me really worried about this whole mess? When I got to Fuyuki it just felt right."

At Kiritsugu's raised eyebrow he added:

"I never ever feel right when everything is good. I cannot leave my mark when there is peace and leaving one through stirring up conflict isn't something I or my Origin are about. And when I checked… I don't blame you with what's left of your Circuits but your analysis on the Grail was far too cursory."

"And how did you do it? Stab the Greater Grail with some Mystic Code capable of analyzing Magecraft?" Kiritsugu was honestly curious.

"That would be stupid. No, I snuck into the temple and enchanted the pillars that support the structure to feed me data."

The other Magus whistled, appreciating the approach.

"Took me weeks. With Kotomine around and the people living at the temple being at least somewhat supernaturally aware it was a slow job but I finally managed to set it up. Then a month of collecting readings. Really, I hate being reasonable like this." the older but healthier man grimaced. "But it was worth it. I found… irregularities that make me think the boy will need an extra edge or two."

Kiritsugu motioned for him to continue.

"Well, first of all, the Grail cannot be destroyed."

If this was an ‘irregularity' to Dietrich then the former Magus Killer didn't want to know what a real problem was like.

"Through Magecraft, I mean. We can always blow it up if we don't care about natural disasters or the possible appearance of Counter Force. The Grail is fused with the land itself, the Prana it gathers irrevocably tainted by the curse that was introduced to the system a long, long time ago. Even if you disperse its energy completely or partially it will return very quickly. Which brings me to the second problem: when you blew up the manifested Grail at the end of the War it should have been ready to go again very quickly. It wasn't weakened by someone messing with the system which probably happened the previous times and it didn't get to grant a wish. So the question is, where did the energy go? Why did we get a pause, one that's ten years long?"

The other man frowned not liking where this was going one bit.

"Some of the energy burned what is now a park, some tainted you but not nearly enough. Some of it must have gone into a vessel or two. The implications of something this twisted residing in anything that is strong or adaptable enough to house it for all these years aren't something I like."

Kiritsugu started rubbing his forehead trying to stave off an oncoming migraine:

"So we can expect corrupted spirits, Magi, Dead Apostles, Homunculi, really anything that could have been near enough to ground zero. I think anything born of this event will be very interested in the next war. And then there is the system itself. We've met the Matou heir and the Tohsaka heir is alive too. The resident Church official is a sadistic manipulator in search of something to give his life meaning and after introducing myself to him I have reasons to believe you. The Tohsaka heir is alive and kicking. And I will try to gather info on her as we go on but that's really it. Besides the fact that Zouken is apparently still alive, which is beyond suspicious. We have, what? Three out of seven contenders pegged? The Association will send somebody and with their spectacular failure the last time, they might just wise up and give the job to an experienced Enforcer. A Magecraft practitioner affiliated with the Church is possible. Any of the wandering Magi who aren't strong enough to realize their own wishes. Plus, the system is deteriorating. What if it stops caring about the contender being a bona fide Magus? Starts letting in any humans with mystical powers? Burial Agency members, practitioners of ‘Walking and Breathing'? What if it lets Dead Apostles in?"

"Now you are simply being paranoid."

"Am I? Really? Am I?"

"Yes. And this is coming from a professional assassin perfectionist, mind you."

At this moment Dietrich looked more than just a little crazy but he somehow managed to get himself under control.

"I probably am being paranoid. Still, the fact is we have all reason to suspect the next War will be even more screwed up than yours and we have a child of Magus whom I will somehow have to train to be able to not only win that War, which is no cake-walk by itself, by the way, but to somehow neutralize the Grail. Waiver will help, of course, but he is more of bright college student turned child soldier than a resource that can really help. Plus, I won't be able to get involved directly."

"At least this time, will you straight up tell me why?"

Dietrich contemplated evading the answer again as he had done countless times but decided to settle for a half-truth:

"I have very deep connections in many circles and lots of obligations and long-running contracts. It's not a problem normally but if something happens to me people will come knocking. And they might just decide that your family is at fault as you are the ones who dragged me into this mess."

"Ah. Do you have a plan then?"

"We need to stop treating the kid like a glass vase. He's proven just how far he is willing to go with his training. We cannot keep him from school, not with the state his psyche is in, but we can tell him to not put too much effort to go beyond the passing grade. He needs to try out martial arts clubs. We should get him another teacher for that sort of thing. The Fujimura girl is good but formal kendo won't cut it in a real fight."

He paused, thinking over his words carefully.

"Above all, Shirou needs an ace or ten before the fighting starts."

It took only a moment for Kiritsugu to catch up:

"You are talking about Noble Phantasms".

Dietrich nodded:

"Yes. I am a Mystic Code crafter, how do you think I got so good? I have studied some remaining Noble Phantasms and have knowledge of where many more are."

"But we can't just ask the people owning them to show their greatest treasures to some boy."

It wasn't a question but the German Magus still answered:

"To some boy, no. To my official apprentice who will help forge Mystic Codes complementing the powers of their Phantasms? Probably, yes."

Suddenly Kiritsugu looked a lot less tired and a lot more serious.

"You want to reveal Shirou's existence to the Association."

"Yes. Look, how many of great weapons of old can we show him on the down low? Two, three? Hiding in plain sight is what always worked for me. Be wonky, be crazy, tell them I've found a kid with powers like mine who can design crazy complex Codes from scratch! It won't even be a lie: he has amazing ability as long as it's something used for fighting. We don't tell anyone the exact extent of his powers, make Waiver with his new title a patron at the Association in order to get access to books we don't have here. Everybody wins."

"As long as somebody, anybody doesn't catch my son practicing anything impossible for a normal Magus before their eyes".

Dietrich rose his hands in a placating manner:

"Look, I'm not saying right now. We'll pick a topic for him to focus on, like runes and Formalcraft. I'll teach him for another year or so and when he's good enough to fool everyone into believing he is just a disgrace of Magus with a useful specialized talent we let him out. This way, I can probably arrange for him to see a dozen noble Phantasms before the War."

Resigned, Kiritsugu sighed:

"Doesn't look like I have more choice. And if you can find even one Noble Phantasm he can see right now safely, it would raise our chances. Now I wanted to talk to you about a Magic Crest…"


One of the biggest challenges Kiritsugu had ever faced in his life was admitting to himself that he wasn't going to get Illya out of Einzbern's grasp. Dietrich helped in his own special way by tripping the former Magus Killer near the stairs a couple times just when he was going to embark on another futile trip to Europe. Although painful, it did prove a point: he was far too weak.

Realizing that his son pretty much lacked a sense of self-worth when it came to choosing between his own happiness and the happiness of others Kiritsugu couldn't push his own dreams of world peace on the boy in good conscience. Even with all the warnings from both him and Dietrich it would take an absolute miracle for Shirou to avoid falling into a path of self-destruction in careless service to others.

But the dream of his daughter's freedom from the Einzberns was something he simply couldn't keep to himself. He remembered all too well how that particular family treated their ‘tools'. Ironic how they could create life capable of feeling and thought and then treat said life as if it was a mindless object.

So as he couldn't fulfill the last dream he refused to let go of himself Kiritsugu laid it on Shirou.

He had just turned ten and there wasn't that much time with the last parts of the Code crafter's and Magus Killer's plans falling into place. And so they sat in the living room that had so often served as a place for strategic meetings. Last rays of the evening sun slanted through the glass bathing the entire place in warm shades of orange. In this light even the normally sickly pale skin of Shirou's father looked healthy and with the red refracting in his eyes all the tiredness was hidden leaving behind only determination.

The boy had been quiet for a minute now, lost deep in thought. Eventually he spoke in an uncertain voice:

"So I have a… sister."

His father nodded forcefully.

"Yes, as I said I had a daughter."

"And she is not fully human and will not have a normal lifespan unless something special is done."


Shirou stared into space putting together what he knew about the Grail War and the founding families before nodding to himself:

"She will be a Master the next War."

Dietrich had been silent before but decided to join with an arched eyebrow then:

"Mm? And why do you think so?"

"Homunculi are really expensive, right? I mean it has to be really complex, making a being that can turn into a Grail later? And they have one ready, it just makes sense to use her."

Both adult Magi nodded but it was Kiritsugu who spoke:

"Listen, Shirou… I cannot say I regret the path I chose in life, there are far too many people I helped for that and there were some good times too… But if there is one thing I do regret it's leaving Illya as a hostage with those uncaring, selfish people. I'll be leaving soon: I'm not good for much anymore and staying here being useless when I can increase your chances in the coming war even a little bit would be unfair. So I have one final wish for you: please save your sister."

Shirou replied without any sort of a pause:

"Okay. Do you know anything about keeping a Homunculus alive?"

Both Magi shook their heads.

"Does anyone know?"

Dietrich hesitated:

"There are a couple of people and I might even be able to get you in contact with them but the real question is what would they ask in return. Really, these type of Mysteries are fairly rare and you would have a crappy bargaining position."

Shirou nodded and took about a minute to project Avalon burning through his Od in the process.

"Then how about this."

At Kiritsugu's raised eyebrows he added:

"Well, it's supposed to work right near Saber and I am sure that's the Servant I'll summon. I have the catalyst inside me. So what would happen if I had Saber follow Illya and she had Avalon or a really good copy on her."

Dietrich rubbed his chin in contemplation for a few moments before breaking into a grin:

"She would stop aging completely, in theory. A good temporary fix, at least while you search for a more permanent solution."

The sun set outside and with it the enthusiasm in Kiritsugu's eyes was gone. The cursed Magus slumped against a wall with a relieved sigh. He had no doubt that Shirou would agree to his request but hearing it still felt good.

"Go on to your training, I'll watch from here."

Dietrich and Shirou walked into the yard that served as a practice field. It was wide and warded against unwanted attention so that made it ideal for that purpose. The boy was right in the middle of the area while his teacher stood a little behind him and to the left. The German Magus started his lesson:

"So let's recap. You cannot make several copies of the same weapon at once. The first one needs to be dismissed or destroyed before the next one can be Projected otherwise you get a horribly degraded copy. This probably has something to do with your mind perceiving Projection as ‘bringing out' blades from your Reality Marble. You should be able to overcome it in time or at least make degrading less severe."

Shirou nodded and proceeded by Projecting two copies of the same blade: a simple knife with wound sealing properties. Its purpose was to simply stop the bleeding. The first copy went through the process smoothly: Materials, production process, skills that went into its making, the entire history of the blade, making sure it was the best blade he could make – everything was recreated in order in less than a second.

The second copy was considerably worse: he had found that he couldn't properly picture the original inside his Reality Marble while a sword was in the real world. It was annoying as it made him rely on actual memories and the first copy in front of him. Memories, though, weren't perfect like his Reality Marble and Shirou felt that producing blades this more mundane way would probably be limited to a very small number, preferably with short histories and enchantments he could understand and memorize completely.

Therein lay the problem: even with the first copy right in front of him he didn't have near enough knowledge to understand the Mystery the blade was able to produce fully. Sighing, he dismissed the dull travesty of a blade that he finally managed to make. The knife he made using his Reality Marble as a blueprint still gleamed in the moonlight, as if mocking its creator.

Dietrich nodded and continued:

"Well, no worries. I would be very, very disturbed if your limitation was actually just Prana. There are ways to relax that limit anyway, some are quite pleasant actually…" a weird smile briefly flashed across his face. "Anyway, if you didn't have this problem you'd be able to call thirty of the same Noble Phantasm. You are a walking armory anyway, Shirou, but the way you are you are more useful as a teacher of Tracing or a specialist of some sort. Without this particular limit the Enforcers would probably just log you around as a way of producing over-powered standardized weapons."

He scratched the side of his face before snapping his fingers:

"You know what? No Enforcers for you until you are twenty one. They are bad for you. Worse than porn, alcohol and drugs mixed together." Dietrich nodded to himself. "I'm also really glad we figured out the firing plane problem."

They had quickly discovered that Shirou could easily spawn swords some ten feet from himself and fifteen if he pushed it. Because creating them and imbuing them with movement immediately was ridiculously easy that was the obvious area to develop his combat abilities in.

One thing everyone decided right off the bat was to get the boy into archery: that was the logical path and it yielded impressive results. Shirou turned out to be an excellent shot and was growing more and more proficient with the concept of ‘arrow' and Dietrich together with Kiritsugu theorized that pretty soon he would be able to Alter any sword with it. The idea was ridiculously suitable for an Incarnation and the boy couldn't wait to test it out just as soon as he mastered Reinforcement enough. A bow was also needed but Dietrich was working on that.

Shooting swords by simply creating and imbuing them with the concept of movement was even more cool but there were questions. Could he fire them from multiple points? Actually, could Shirou make a zone of death by boxing an enemy inside an area where swords fired from all sides at an enemy in the middle? The answer not very surprisingly was ‘not really'. Through testing they had discovered that he fired his weapons from an imaginary flat square surface the plane of which included his body. Now, he could bend that surface as if gripping two opposite sides of a sheet of metal and making a slight arch but not much more. This made it pretty much impossible to fire something at an enemy from two significantly different angles unless said enemy was standing right in front of the boy. Which wasn't a good place for a teenager to have an enemy in at all.

This brought them to the third part of their training as Shirou began working on Reinforcement: warming up by working on a simple stick and then moving on to his own body. Frankly, self-reinforcement was only a sparsely used practice for a reason. Most Magi stuck to working on their muscles and skin as those were the easiest to heal in case of a botched Mystery. Nobody in their right mind would touch anything that was truly vital or impossible to heal and although many practitioners weren't, in fact, in their right mind they still liked to have use of their eyes. Or lungs. Or hearts.

Of course, the boy was still a beginner who had started working on Reinforcing his body only months before so Deitrich stopped him from doing anything to vital organs. Still, Shirou was quite talented in this area of Magecraft which was probably because of him seeing himself more as a blade than a real person. Plus, making the poor middle-schooler start studying anatomy was probably useful too. Even if it made even Shirou complain.

Overall, things were coming along nicely and the German Magus honestly thought that his pupil could hit the level of top combat-specialized Magi by the time he was about fifteen. Sure, his education would probably be just one big hole from a purely theoretical point of view but the boy could amass quite a bit of power by that point. The primary problem was that they actually needed more power than that for him: if what Kiritsugu had said about the previous war was true being on the level of a good Magus wasn't enough. Being ruthless and efficient wasn't enough. Being good enough to be an actual danger to Heroic Spirits actually might be enough but accomplishing that result wouldn't be easy.

Good that they had plans regarding that.


Kiritsugu and Dietrich went to London just after Shirou turned ten. The German Magus returned after a week but his first adopted father never did. The boy he had been before the fire lost his all but that wasn't exactly real. There were no memories, no feelings, nothing that could actually hurt.

It was different with Kiritsugu, with the man who had shown him kindness, had shown him one of the ways to happiness. Even if the former assassin's ideals of world peace didn't really fit Shirou he still appreciated the value of being useful to others and serving something greater than himself.

On the day Kiritsugu left Shirou promised his father that he would find an ideal or a person worthy of wielding him.

Life went on, and after a very small funeral with an empty coffin few things had changed. Sakura still came over quite often, though the girl clearly didn't know whether to be sad or relieved about the former Magus Killer leaving. Taiga doted on Shirou with double enthusiasm now, firmly committed to being his older sister now that Kiritsugu was dead due to an ‘illness'. School went on.

The only thing that had changed was the constant excruciating pain. Turned out that the reason Kiritsugu went to the Clocktower was to turn himself in for study in exchange for Shirou getting access to most of the Emiya Crest. The Magi their had long since finished with whatever they needed the Crest for and so a deal was struck. One very peculiar and very cursed dying Magus donating himself to mostly painless research in life and an extensive autopsy in death in exchange for a bunch of temporal-specialized Magic Circuits for Dietrich to use. The two Magi had probably used some spiel about Dietrich taking care of Kiritsugu's legacy or something but Shirou never bothered to ask.

Regardless, what they were going to do with the Crest was purely batshit-insane. Normally you wouldn't be able to give your Crest to somebody who wasn't a blood relative but a combination of Avalon and Shirou's own malleable nature made his body and soul capable of accepting the foreign Circuits. Or rather letting them burn into him one by one while supplemented heavily by healing blades and careful monitoring on Dietrich's part.

This took the better part of a year and the entire time it hurt like hell. Despite his distortion Shirou decided that he, in fact, didn't like pain of this magnitude, not at all. It made it hard to focus in daily life and he often twitched during archery practice causing Sakura's fairly weird brother Shinji to laugh at him out loud. Not to mention having a particularly bad episode during cooking and throwing all the salt he had into the soup…

The additional problem was that walking around constantly with another Circuit being in the process of fusing with his being made him pretty much light up to the senses of Prana-sensitive people. Shirou's own sensory abilities manifested through the sense of smell and as the Magic Crest wasn't a part of him yet, he had to smell the damn thing constantly.

Anyway, it was because of the said Crest that he got to know Tohsaka Rin much sooner than he might have otherwise.


The first few weeks at school were the worst. Dietrich was able to buy Shirou a little time by getting the boy a sick leave for a while but it wasn't like they could ignore his education altogether so after skipping school for a week or so he had to go back.

Even English was a problem with the constant pain and during the recess Issei Ryoudou, one of his few real friends at school, kept giving Shirou strange looks before straight up asking:

"Hey, Shirou, are you really okay? You look kind of pale and distracted. You know, there is no need to force yourself: what's the use of studying here a few days if you fall sick all over again?"

Perhaps it was the kind of strict education only a temple could give that made Issei sound like a fairly stuck up college student instead of a middle-schooler.

"What's the use …" Shirou forced a smile. "The doctor said it will take a while, sorry for worrying you."

Shirou rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and that was that.

At least before Math started and Shirou unfocused as he was because of a particularly bad episode of stabbing pain got called into the teacher's room for a talk.

He was barely able to comprehend what a kind-looking teacher responsible for their grade was talking about. Something about responsible pupils taking proper care of their health.

It was there that he first really took note of a girl with black pigtails waiting impassively for someone. She looked far too proper and focused on absolutely nothing right up to the point when their eyes met.

It must be said that Structural Grasping has pretty much become an automatic reflex for Shirou at this point. He didn't even need his signature Aria for it, it was like the required self-hypnotism was always present and all that was required was a bit of concentration.

As he looked at the girl, tuning out the teacher in the process, a vaguely familiar stream of information flowed into him. A Mystery. Something he didn't understand quite well, probably dealing with transferring and storing Prana. Shirou inhaled reflexively: the girl smelled of autumn leaves drying, of winter wind, of ozone and undertones of something bittersweet. By now he had long since learned what such a strong smell meant. Dietrich exuded it when he worked, Sakura – when she got unnerved and excited and his father had smelled of cloying, sticky sweetness all the time. The smell of Prana.

He was pretty sure Sakura was also aware of his own nature but a sort of ‘don't ask, don't tell' policy developed between them and he was fine with that.

Structural Grasping was a very minor Mystery but it was still a Mystery. And for those with any sort of sensor ability ignoring it from five feet away was impossible. The girl's eyes widened in surprise before narrowing.

"Sensei. Can I talk to… Emiya-kun, is it? I was a little sick a while back, maybe I can explain proper priorities better?"

The woman didn't look very confused but she nodded anyway.

"If you think so, Tohsaka, it doesn't look like he is listening to me."

They walked away from the room in silence and it took Shirou a couple minutes to understand that they were heading to the roof. The girl, apparently named Tohsaka stopped in the middle, turned around to face Shirou and started tapping her foot impatiently. It took the boy a while for the thought that she was expecting him to speak up to make its way through his pain-addled brain. And if he were in a better state of mind he would have no doubt chosen a different opening.

"You smell like an autumn storm, Tohsaka-san."

And that was the moment Shirou got acquainted not only with Tohsaka but also with her right fist.

Later he sat propped up against a wall, rubbed his chin and looked at Tohsaka as the girl glared at him, her mouth quivering a bit:

"Why didn't your family inform me another Magus was going to this school? Who are you?" she demanded.

In the back of his mind Shirou noted how easily she slipped out of her ‘perfect student' persona.

"And turn off that damn piece of Magecraft on your arm, it's difficult to look at!"

After a few moments Shirou understood that she was talking about the beginnings of a Magic Crest being implanted into him and manifesting in his body on his left arm:

"I'm Shirou Emiya, pleased to meet you. Sorry about that, Tohsaka-senpai. I can't turn it off?"


He didn't think the glare could get any worse but apparently he had been wrong:

"It's kind of settling in?"

"What do you mean, settling in? Wait a minute…"

Tohsaka leaned in closer, looked petrified for a moment and then proceeded by clocking him another on in the shoulder. Frankly, Shirou was getting a little annoyed: the day hadn't started well and it wasn't getting any better.

"Hey, what's with all the hitting?"

"ARE YOU NUTS?! What sort of idiot implants a Crest at your age? You will die! It looks like it's burning you up right now! How can you even stand?!"

He couldn't help but be a bit impressed. Sure, the thing was missing with his flow of Od like nobody's business and he was bleeding quite a bit of Prana as a result but coming to the correct conclusion as to the source of that Prana was still quite impressive.

Shirou wasn't a very good liar so he went for a half-truth option:

"I'll be okay. Probably. There is stuff that makes it survivable for me."

"Stuff like what?"

Not easily distracted, he noted. And ignored the question.

"Anyway, I need to get stronger to find my purpose."

She was a Magus so Shirou thought she would understand.

"Find your purpose? What in the name of the Root are you going on about?"

Tohsaka's mouth twitch was joined by a quivering brow. Apparently, he had been wrong.

Today just isn't my day.

"You know, to protect people, to find an ideal or someone to wield me… Something like that."

"Someone to wield you?.."

The girl pinched the bridge of her nose and struck a dramatic pose, all her look screaming ‘staving off a migraine'.

"I was right, you are nuts…" she grumbled. "Anyway, my name is Tohsaka Rin and I'm the heir to the family in charge of this city. If you don't want to deal with my teacher, a very bad idea by the way, come visit me in a week or so. We'll do proper introductions"

She looked at his pale face another time:

"If you really don't die."

Leaving, she added something under her breath and Shirou's hearing helped make it out:

"Just my luck the only Magus my age I can talk to is a nutjob."

Absentmindedly Shirou noted to himself that Rin smelled a lot like Sakura.

Chapter end notes

And so the second real chapter is done. We are finally getting down into the meat of the story so let me know what you think with a review if you have the time.

I'll try to let up on exposition in the future chapters and go into character development more but this stuff needed to be done. I always felt that the way Shirou's powers worked was kind of vague so I introduced some ground rules. These are not canon, as far as I know.

Also, regarding the bit about Avalon and Emiya's Magic Crest. I know I'm pushing the boundary of Nasuverse's system a bit here but my argument is that Avalon is the ultimate healing item and without Saber around its effect is only diminished. So it still does basically the same thing: healing any sort of damage done to the wielder except it does so very slowly. In this story this effect will be enough to make it possible for a talented child to survive having Magic Crest Circuits implanted one by one while resting in between.

Now that all the main players have been introduced I'm looking forward to writing more interactions between them. Please let me know what you think and favorite the story if you like what's been done here.

Until next time.

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